The meeting discussed the scope and content of the analytical work to be undertaken as part of the Almaty-Bishkek Corridor Initiative (ABCI).

The meeting provided directions related to these significant issues:

  • identifying and agreeing on the major areas or sectors of priority to be analyzed for development of the ABCI;
  • developing outline terms of reference for studies and analysis linked to the identified priorities, including long-term city planning and specific sectors;
  • possible approaches to capacity building, wider consultation and dissemination activities linked to the analytical work for ABCI;
  • consideration of the role of private sector in ABCI, or how and when the private sector may be brought into ABCI development and for what purposes; and
  • working guidelines and work plan for 2015.

The ABCI was launched with the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the city administrations of Almaty (Kazakhstan) and Bishkek (Kyrgyz Republic) at the 13th CAREC Ministerial Conference.

Under the initiative, Almaty and Bishkek will develop the first CAREC economic corridor at the city level.

A joint working group (JWG) is being formed with seven members each from Kazakhstan and the Kyrgyz Republic, representing city administration and central government.

The proceedings of the first JWG meeting will be important inputs into size, scope, and design of the regional technical assistance from the Asian Development Bank that will support the ABCI.