Kyrgyz Republic Deputy Minister of Economy Avtandil Alybaev and Republic of Kazakhstan Ministry of National Economy Division Head Bibigul Maserbayeva co-chaired the meeting.

The third joint ABEC Subcommittee meeting aimed to:

  1. Assess the implementation status of the second ABEC Subcommittee protocol.
  2. Review current ABEC projects and initiatives based on the meeting protocol of sector working groups, and develop pipeline and priority projects.
  3. Reach agreement on short- and medium-term steps towards further development of ABEC and formulating the third ABEC Subcommittee protocol.

Asian Development Bank (ADB) Regional Cooperation and Operations Coordination Division (CWRC) Director Safdar Parvez and Kyrgyz Republic Resident Mission Country Director Candice McDeigan facilitated the discussions and agreements toward establishing modern agricultural wholesale markets, developing a regional mountain tourism cluster, and facilitating efficient border crossings in the economic corridor.